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Wright & Dori Doyle

Wright & Dori Doyle

Bastrop, TX

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  • Date Posted: Mar 9, 2018
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  • Address: Bastrop, TX

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China InstituteGlobal China Center


Wright and Dori Doyle served with OMF International in Taiwan from 1976 to 1988. Their daughter Sarah was born in Taiwan during that time. In 1989, they moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, where they began sharing the Gospel with Chinese scholars and their families connected with the University of Virginia. China Institute was established that year.

The Doyles worked closely with their church, which hosts a Mandarin Sunday school class. They were also been advisors to the undergraduate Chinese Christian Fellowship.

In 2015, they moved to Texas in order to be nearer family.

Wright has preached in Chinese churches and taught in Chinese seminaries in North America, Taiwan, and England. He now focuses on writing and on mentoring younger Chinese church leaders and Americans with a burden to serve God among the Chinese. He also leads a weekly sermon discussion group in Mandarin for Chinese who attend their church and a monthly Bible study for Christians working in a local Chinese restaurant.

Wright edits and contributes articles to,, and the Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity (

He has also written and edited a number of books, including: Reaching Chinese Worldwide; China: Ancient Culture, Modern Society; Wise Man from the East: Lit-sen Chang; Builders of the Chinese Church; Christianity in America: Triumph and Tragedy; Carl Henry: Theologian for All Seasons; Worship and Wisdom: Meditations on Psalms and Proverbs; Christ the King: Meditations on Matthew’s Gospel; The Lord’s Healing Words; and Jesus: The Complete Man.

He supervised the translation of a Greek-Chinese Lexicon of the New Testament and made an abridgment of the Chinese edition of Carl Henry’s God, Revelation, and Authority.

Several works composed by him in English have been published in Chinese, including The Lord’s Healing Words; The Switzerland of the New Testament (a commentary on Ephesians); an autobiography; Confucius and Christ; Hope Deferred: Studies in Christianity and American Society (now out of print).

Focus Points/Highlights of Ministry:

  • Writing articles and stories.
  • Mentoring/coaching/encouraging about two dozen men.
  • Sharing the gospel with Chinese in our town.

Prayer Requests:

  • Increased energy and strength for Wright; elimination of toxic metals from his body.
  • Energy and strength for Dori as she goes weekly to College Station, 80 miles away, to help care for our grandson, Blaise, while our daughter Sarah does tutoring.
  • More people to join us as prayer partners.
  • More people to help with writing.
  • Wisdom and discipline for Wright to balance writing and discipleship, and to do both well.

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