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Kitty Moyer

Kitty Moyer

Bomet County, Kenya

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  • Date Posted: Feb 21, 2014
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  • Address: Bomet County, Kenya

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Kitty lives in the southwestern part of Kenya in Bomet County and is seconded by PIONEERS to Tenwek Mission Hospital. Tenwek is a medical ministry of the African Gospel Church of Kenya in collaboration with World Gospel Mission. Tenwek is a teaching and referral hospital that through ministry has been sharing the gospel and serving the medical needs of southwestern Kenya and the whole country since 1937. The Health Science College has been training nurses and clinical officers since 1987.

Kitty’s main roles include:

  • Teaching Instructor at the School of Nursing – she teaches the basic fundamentals of nursing in the classroom and clinically in the hospital.
  • Mentorship and discipleship of students personally, professionally and spiritually.

Prayer Requests:

  • Give thanks and praise for God’s continued guidance, protection, and provision during these last several years, which have been filled with many difficulties, challenges, changes, losses and transitions.
  • Give thanks that I am resettled in a new community, home, and a new role.
  • Pray for continued relationship and friendship building at the school and within the Tenwek community.


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