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Gary & Vivian Michael

Gary & Vivian Michael

Yopal, Colombia

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  • Date Posted: Mar 9, 2018
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  • Address: Yopal, Colombia

Sending Agency/Organization:

Christian Missions in Many Lands (CMML)


Gary and Vivian are in transition out of missions work in Colombia. They are now preparing to make roots back in the U.S. as they begin following the Lord’s lead to retire from the missions field.

Focus Points/Highlights of Ministry:

  • Preparing leadership as we prepare to leave being in Colombia on a permanent basis.
  • Organizing and leading Precept Bible Studies.
  • Organization and followup of Evangelistic events.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray especially for guidance as we seek the Lord as to exactly when to leave and where to go? We don’t have much in the way of roots in the U.S. – no children – no grandchildren.
  • Our leaving Colombia is at least a partial retirement – What to do next? Housing? Transportation? U.S. ministry.
  • Grace in getting the congregation in Yopal more involved in personal evangelism and discipleship.
  • Pray for a 4 day Easter Camp in Villa de Leyva where I will be doing part of the teaching; pray that some will attend from our congregation in Yopal.
  • Pray for a good adjustment to life in the U.S. without getting sucked into the consumer lifestyle; always pray for our personal walk with the Lord, that He will always be pre-eminent in our focus.

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