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Steadman & Alyssa Harrison

Steadman & Alyssa Harrison

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  • Date Posted: Mar 7, 2018
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  • Address: Tupelo, Mississippi

Sending Agency/Organization:

Global Outreach International


Steadman Harrison, MA/MTS, is the Chief Executive Officer at Global Outreach International. As they look to the future, their goal is to democratize mission development. They want to catalyze the modern mission movement and expand the number of short-term and long-term team members extending their reach into a larger world.

At Global Outreach International, they practice a low-boundaries approach; by that we mean we want to see the Gospel going further, faster, while we reduce the barriers and boundaries that keep Christians from living out their faith in a cross-cultural context.

Alyssa Harrison is passionate about resilience and about using words creatively. Twelve years of teaching English and Creative writing in secondary schools have deepened these convictions. She returned to the States in 2015 from a six year term in Ethiopia where she was the Deputy Secondary Principal at Bingham Academy, an international school serving students from more than 40 countries. Alyssa has worked for the Center for Creative Leadership as a program coordinator, experiential facilitator, and editor of the Awareness Program for Executives (APEX). She regularly speaks for Global Outreach International on teaching and learning resilience and currently serves as the Advisor on Missions and Education. Alyssa is pursuing her M. Ed in Teaching and Learning with a Cognate in English at Liberty University.

Focus Points/Highlights of Ministry:

  • Work with schools: Support for Bingham Academy in Ethiopia, Support for Amman Baptist, Zarqa Baptist and Ajloun Baptist in Jordan, Grammar School Principal Leadership at Tupelo Christian Preparatory School in Mississippi.
  • Church planting: Support and guidance for International Christian Fellowship in Debre Zeit, Ethiopia, support and guidance for house churches in Jordan.
  • Leadership development: Growing the work of with private sector, non-profit, and government leadership development globally.

Prayer Requests:

  • Our eldest son will begin at the Naval Academy on June 28th and we are celebrating and grieving at the same time.
  • Praying for a pastor for International Christian Fellowship in Debre Zeit, Ethiopia.
  • Praying for a Head Master to join Amman Baptist School.
  • Praying for a Principal to join at the Zarqa Baptist School.
  • Praying for ministry among Syrian Refugees in Jordan.
  • Asking for God’s blessing on Alyssa as she serves as Principal and Steadman as he serves as CEO.
  • Asking the Lord to grow the work of and Virtuous Training.