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Kitty Moyer

Kitty Moyer

Maua, Kenya

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  • Date Posted: Feb 21, 2014
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  • Address: Maua, Kenya

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Focus Points/Highlights of Your Ministry:

Kitty lives in Nairobi and is seconded by PIONEERS to African Full Gospel Church of Kenya (AFGCK) and their Community Health Evangelism (CHE) program. CHE reaches out and works in communities around the world. The goals of CHE are to transform and empower communities through the local churches holistically: mind, body, and spirit, through various trainings specifically related to life skills/educational lessons, Spiritual/Biblical lessons and health lessons. She is working alongside the CHE Kenyan staff to provide technical support in regards to health care matters and to help in the continued development and growth of the AFGCK CHE program within Kenya. While Kitty’s work/ministry takes her to places throughout Kenya (and will increasingly so as her role grows), right now she is working directly with three underserved communities (slums) in Nairobi.

Specifically, her roles include:

  • Attending community meetings and assisting in teaching during health education sessions as directed.
  • Assisting in developing CHE program materials and trainings focused on children and adolescents, and participating in CHE children and adolescent trainings and community meetings.
  • Assisting with community health screenings and medical camps in liaison with the AFGCK CHE staff.
  • Adapting CHE International materials for the Kenyan context and helping develop community health discussion group materials on health topics such as HIV and other diseases that carry stigmatization.
  • Identifying and nurturing relationships between AFGCK CHE, community groups, and health providers.
  • Developing natural medicines materials and trainings for the AFGCK CHE program.

Prayer Requests:

  • Give thanks and praise for God’s continued guidance, protection, and provision during these last several years, which have been filled with many difficulties, challenges, changes and transitions.
  • Give thanks that I am resettled in a new home and into new roles.
  • Pray for new discipleship opportunities and relationship/friendship building in AFGCK and CHE, as well as for the growth of the many long term friendships that I have here in Nairobi.
  • Ask for the Lord’s guidance: (1) in the continued development of my roles at CHE, (2) in serving and caring for the physical and spiritual needs of the people in these communities, and (3) in knowing how to best help develop the programs and the curriculums to which I have been called.


Learn About the Location:

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