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Jareb & Amy

Jareb & Amy


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  • Date Posted: May 22, 2020
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  • Address: Durham, NC

Sending Agency/Organization:

Beyond the Reef Foundation

Focus Points/Highlights of Ministry:

Jareb and Amy have been part of bringing the Light of the Gospel to the ends of the earth… specifically to remote people-groups in Asia-Pacific. In 2005 Jareb, Amy and children moved to Southeast Asia and began study of the national language and culture. Next, they moved to a remote province where they lived for nearly a decade in an isolated jungle village. Studying the tribal language and culture of the villagers, an alphabet was finally derived from this previously unwritten language ‘isolate’. Together with their teammates they began the process of scripture translation and development of teaching lessons. They continued to live out the love of God among the people in tangible ways by providing a literacy program and medical clinic. Recently, they have made their home base in the Triangle amidst a loving congregation at CHBC.

Jareb is developing and translating Bible lessons and sending them via the internet to remote, tribal friends on the other side of the world. Jareb and Amy plan to split their time between serving from Durham, NC and onsite in Asia-Pacific.

Prayer Requests:

  • Praise God for His manifold mercies: grace, love, peace and protection despite overwhelming obstacles.
  • Pray for Jareb as he works from home on the Scripture Lesson & Translation Project.
  • Pray for the family as they also begin new mentoring and oversight roles for our organization.
  • Pray for guidance as to when they should return to Asia-Pacific.
  • Pray for more laborers to join this ripe harvest field.

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