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David & Julie Stickel

David & Julie Stickel

Chapel Hill, NC

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  • Date Posted: Mar 9, 2018
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  • Address: 111 Morgan Oaks Dr. Chapel Hill, NC 27516

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The Navigators


David and Julie are actively involved in teaching English to Asians in and around Chapel Hill. Several undergrads studying Mandarin Chinese are involved and have brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to our effort. One will spend 6 months developing her language skills and bond to the culture overseas. David, as a painter, also has several unusual opportunities to invest in redemptive relationships.

Focus Points/Highlights of Ministry:

  • Coordinating an English class for Asians
  • They use relevant topics to stimulate discussions.
  • Class size has grown recently–continually have new Visiting Scholars from UNC-Chapel Hill/Duke attend

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for depth for we the teachers-that our roots will grow deep in Christ.
  • Pray for more English teachers who have Friday nights available–when the Chinese Fellowship meets.
  • Seekers would come forth who are truly desiring to know Christ & others would embrace HIM before returning home.
  • The Chinese Fellowship (of which we’re a part) would grow in becoming more like Christ and also in their love for each other.