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Curt & Marcia Rhodes

Curt & Marcia Rhodes

Amman, Jordan

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  • Date Posted: Mar 9, 2018
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  • Address: amman, jordan

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Curt and Marcia provide shelter, water, sanitation, trauma counseling and rehabilitation, education, and legal assistance to half-a-million Syrian refugees.

Focus Points/Highlights of Ministry:

  • Spiritual formation is the key to being prepared for forgiveness – to extend it and to receive it. This is the unique, “secret sauce” in our work with disadvantaged/refugee youth and their communities. Extremely attractive and life-changing.
  • The PLM (Participatory Learning Methodology) manual for alternative education is nearing completion. The key to expansion of this unique learning approach will be through disseminating this knowledge and practice of skills to others.
  • The completion of a first draft of Curt’s book, “40 years in the Making” – hopefully by late Fall.

Prayer Requests:

  • Laborers – we need skilled, talented people of good will to come to work with us – on both sides of the Atlantic. This includes continuing to strengthen our ties with partners like CHBC!
  • Leadership – we need individuals with broad vision who are also rooted in reality and can get along with others on our teams in the Middle East and Europe.
  • Active, hands-on professional advisers – (most likely on an Advisory Council) who will be able and willing to give us the attention we need to grow in management of people and risk.

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